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Teeth Whitening

Professional & Safe Smile Brightening

Your smile says a lot about you because it’s oftentimes the first trait that people get to see. Whether you’re anxiously looking for a blind date in a restaurant and finally find them and smile, or someone strikes up a conversation with you at a work event, your pearly whites are a big part of every social interaction you have. Dental discoloration is a common cosmetic imperfection that affects most people throughout their lives, but there’s a simple, cost-effective way to address it. Professional teeth whitening in Flint is a fast and safe way to brighten your smile and boost your confidence.

Why Choose Kitt Dental for Teeth Whitening?

Who is a Good Candidate for Teeth Whitening?

a take-home teeth whitening kit

Dental discoloration can happen for a variety of reasons, including drinking stain-causing beverages like coffee and iced tea everyday or consuming foods that are high in tannins, like tomato-based sauces, or even as a natural effect of aging. Some people also experience discoloration as side-effects to certain medications that they’re taking, like tetracycline. In any case, professional teeth whitening uses highly concentrated ingredients to tackle the most penetrated stains and reveal a bright, beautiful smile. No matter why you’re looking into teeth whitening, your cosmetic dentist in Flint can help you decide whether this treatment is the best option for you with a simple consultation.

How Does Take-Home Teeth Whitening Work?

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At Kitt Dental, we use the Opalescence Go take-home teeth whitening system to brighten our patient’s smiles. The kit that we provide contains pre-filled whitening trays with professional strength whitening gel, and the trays are able to snugly conform to your arch to ensure even results and keep the gel from spilling onto your gums. You’ll wear the trays for the amount of time that we’ll discuss with you during your appointment, and within about two weeks, you’ll be able to enjoy noticeable, long-lasting results.

Tips for Maintaining a Brighter Smile After Treatment

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After investing in take-home teeth whitening, it makes sense that you’ll want to preserve the results that you worked so hard to achieve. With diligent oral hygiene and mindful maintenance, some patients are able to enjoy the effects of professional teeth whitening for up to a year before needing a touch-up or second treatment. Here are some tips that we recommend to get the most out of your teeth whitening:

To learn more about this process or schedule a consultation, don’t hesitate to reach out to our phenomenal team at Kitt Dental!